They Are Not Forgotten

Village Missions Is Reaching the Forgotten People of North America

As of June 2008 Village Missions is serving 194 churches in the United States and 30 in Canada.
Here are some of the results:

From July 2007-June 2008
Recorded Professions of Salvation:
Adults: 307
Children: 584
Recorded Baptisms:
Adults: 210
Children: 103

We are committed to going to places with the greatest need, regardless of their ability to help pay a pastor.  Since October 2005 we have served 14 such churches, with a total investment of $309,546 through June 2008.  Six additional churches are waiting for leadership.

We need your help to continue reaching the places that need our help the most.  Please join us by spreading the word and giving whatever you can afford.  Thank You!

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