They Are Not Forgotten

Jail Ministry in Jennings

The jail ministry is both frustrating and rewarding. It is a bittersweet ministry as most of the inmates return within a year. Commitments are often shallow and the pressures of life are constantly taking away the Good Seed of God’s Word.


One sweet part came as I led a Bible study in jail, and a young woman began to cry. My jail partner saw her tears and asked, “Would you like to receive the Lord Jesus as your Savior?” With a quivering voice and tears streaming down, she said, “Yes!” I opened the Word of God and led her through the salvation Scriptures. Then I asked, “Do you understand what the Bible is saying to you?” “Yes!” she responded. What pure joy to hear the voice of one praying to trust in Jesus Christ as Savior! We pray she will grow in her new faith. During a follow-up visit she said she called her husband and told him she’d made a decision to ask Jesus Christ to save her and come in her life.


~ Larry & Kathy Shetenhelm

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