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God Answers Prayer

God answered a specific request that I had made two weeks before. It had been awhile since I had the privilege, joy, and excitement of leading someone to the Lord. God allowed me to cross paths with some roofers I had encounterd earlier in the week.  


Mark approached me and we started talking. He wanted to apologize for using “contractor language” on the top of a roof that we worked on together (I had just showed up at Shawn’s house to haul off the debris but stayed and worked for about 5 hours). He did not know that I was a “man of God.” He felt he had been set up by the other guys because they both knew but did not tell him (Not that their native tongue changed). Mark wanted me to know he meant no disrespect. Next thing I know, after affirming that I was not “disrespected,” Mark made it clear that he wanted to be a “man of God.” So, I was happy to tell him!  If it could only be this easy every time!!  


Oh wait…maybe it is. On Sunday a guy name Rick that I have been praying for showed up to the service with his 3rd-grade daughter. Rick and I later that day did a snow run (In a 4×4) up a local mountain. The hour drive home provided another answer to my prayers! Both Mark and Rick now know the way. May God by His great mercy and grace continue to work in these guys, conforming them to the image of His wonderful Son. Praise be to our awesome God!   


~ Chris & Tammy Immer

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  1. Vicki Says:

    Praising God for your presence on Lummi Island.. sometimes a spiritually dark and confused place.
    You are recently talking to my Dad.. Bob Brown. He is 80 yrs. old but still diving for the fishermen there, amazing.

    My husband Larry and I go to Christ the King Church here in Bellingham and were thrilled to see your blog here.

    Keep up the good work, would like to meet you sometime.


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