They Are Not Forgotten

Earning the Right to be Heard

A husband and wife, volunteer firefighters with me, made it abundantly clear that they do not agree with what I believe, nor do they care for “religion,” but because¬†God is working on them, they asked if they could attend a service just so they can hear me preach. It is great to see that as we “love the people,” God opens the door for us to “preach the Word.”¬† I can hardly wait for next Sunday!

~ Chris & Tammy Immer

One Response to “Earning the Right to be Heard”

  1. Teresa Says:

    Praise the Lord for the work you are doing. How Lummi needed a bible believing church.
    I Have a lot of family that live out there and I pray they might also attend your services.
    Thanks you,
    God Bless you both,

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